Picture gallery "Back in Holland 1941 - 1954"

Fish 1941 woodcut in 3 tones of grey-green, printed from 3 blocks

Plane-filling Motif with Reptiles 1941 woodcut

Verbum 1942 Lithograph second state

Reptiles 1943 Lithograph

Ant 1943 Lithograph

Blowball 1943 wood engraving intaglio-printed

Blowball 1943 wood engraving

Encounter 1944 Lithograph

Balcony 1945 Lithograph

Doric Columns 1945 wood engraving in black, brown and blue-green, printed from 3 blocks

Three Spheres I 1945 wood engraving

Diploma Tijdelijke Academie, Eindhoven 1945 woodcut 4th state

Magic Mirror 1946 Lithograph

Three Spheres II 1946 Lithograph

Horseman 1946 woodcut in red, black and grey, printed from 3 blocks

Mumified Frog 1946 Mezzotint, 3rd state

Eye 1946 Mezzotint, 7th and final stage

New Year's greeting-card 1947 woodcut

Gallery 1946 (1st state) till 1949 (further states), Mezzotint, 4th state

Other World 1947 wood engraving and woodcut in black, reddish brown, printed from 3 blocks

Up and Down 1947 Lithograph in brown

Drawing Hands 1948 Lithograph

Dewdrop 1948 Mezzotint

Sun and Moon 1948 woodcut in blue, red, yellow and black, printed from 4 blocks

Study for Stars 1948 woodcut

Stars 1948 wood engraving

New Year's greeting card 1949 woodcut

Plane-filling Motif with Birds 1949 wood engraving

Regular Division of the Plane with Birds 1949 wood engraving

Sea-shells 1949 Mezzotint 1st state

Fish and Frogs 1949 wood engraving

Double Planetoid 1949 wood engraving in green, dark blue black and white, printed from 4 blocks, second state

Order and Chaos 1950 Lithograph

Rippled Surface 1950 Linoleum cut in black and grey-brown, printed from 2 blocks

Devils (vignette) 1950 wood engraving

Predestination 1951 Lithograph

Plane Filling I 1951 Mezzotint

Curl-up 1951 Lithograph

House of Stairs 1951 Lithograph

Two Intersecting Planes 1952 woodcut in green, brown and black, printed from 3 blocks

Puddle 1952 woodcut in black, green and brown, printed from 3 blocks

Gravity 1952 Lithograph and watercolor

Concentric Rinds 1953 wood engraving

Relativity 1953 Lithograph

Spirals 1953 wood engraving in black and grey, printed from 2 blocks

Bookplate A.R.A. Wertheim 1954 woodcut

Tetrahedral Planetoide 1954 woodcut in green and black, printed from 2 blocks

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