Picture gallery "Italian period 1922 - 1935"


San Gimignano 1923 woodcut

Dolphins 1923 woodcut

Self-Portrait 1922 woodcut

Portrait of Jetta 1925 woodcut

Vitorchiano nel Cimino 1925 woodcut

The First Day of the Creation 1925 woodcut

The Sixth Day of Creation 1926 woodcut

The Fall of Man 1927 woodcut

Procession in Crypt 1927 woodcut

Rome 1927 woodcut in grey and black, printed from 2 blocks

Castle in the Air 1928 woodcut

Tower of Babel 1928 woodcut

Fara San Martino, Abruzzi 1928 woodcut printed on 2 sheets

Corte, Corsica 1929 woodcut in grey and black, printed from 2 blocks

The Drowned Cathedral 1929 woodcut

Infant Arthur Esher 1929 woodcut in reddish brown and 2 tones of pink, printed from 3 blocks

Self-Portrait 1929 Lithograph

Barbarano, Cimino 1929 Lithograph

Street in Scanno, Abruzzi 1930 woodcut

Castrovalva 1930 Lithograph

The Bridge 1930 Lithograph

Fiumara, Calabria 1930 Lithograph

Tropea, Calabria 1931 Lithograph

Cloister near Rocca Imperiale, Calabria 1931 Lithograph

Atrani, Coast of Amalfi 1931 Lithograph

Covered Alley in Atrani 1931 wood engraving

Ravello and the Coast of Amalfi 1931 Lithograph

Coast of Amalfi 1931 woodcut in black and various tones of grey

Farmhouse, Ravello 1931 Lithograph

San Cosimo, Ravello 1932 Lithograph

Turello, Southern Italy 1932 Lithograph

Porta Maria dell' Ospidale, Ravello 1932 wood engraving

Lion of the Fountain in the Piazza at Ravello 1932 wood engraving

San Michele dei Frisone, Rome 1932 Lithograph

Mumified Priests in Gangi, Sicily 1932 Lithograph

Temple of Segeste, Sicily 1932 wood engraving

Cave Dwellings (near Sperlinga) Sicily 1933 woodcut

Palm 1933 wood engraving in black and grey-green

Caltavuturo in the Madonie Mountains Sicily 1933 Lithograph

Cloister of Monreale Sicily 1933 wood engraving

Lava Flow of 1928 from Etna Sicily 1933 Lithograph

Pineta of Calvi, Corsica 1933 woodcut in light grey, dark grey and black

Phosphorescent Sea 1933 Lithograph

Fireworks 1933 Lithograph

Old Olive Tree, Corsica 1934 wood engraving

Nonza, Corsica 1934 Lithograph

Still Live with Mirror 1934 Lithograph

Nocturnal Rome: Colonade of St Peter's 1934 woodcut

Nocturnal Rome: Santa Maria del Popolo 1934 woodcut

Nocturnal Rome: Trajan's Column 1934 woodcut

Nocturnal Rome: Basilica of Constantine 1934 woodcut

Nocturnal Rome: Castel Sant' Angelo 1934 woodcut

Nocturnal Rome: Colosseum 1934 woodcut

Aeroplane above Snowy Landscape 1934 woodcut; proof

Still Life with Spherical Mirror 1934 Lithograph

Hand with Reflecting Sphere 1935 Lithograph

Inside St Peter's 1935 wood engraving

Portrait of G.A. Escher 1935 Lithograph

Sengela, Malta 1935 woodcut

Hell, copy after Hieronymus Bosch 1935 Lithograph

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